”Tiny Corrosions” by David R. Michael

Short Story (9000 words)

Damon Simpson, corporate negotiator, has ordered his life to the smallest detail. But when a face from Damon’s hidden past appears, those haunting eyes threaten to shatter his concentration—and maybe destroy his career and marriage. Can he get back on script? Or will his life fall apart?

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”A Long Route Home, and Busy” by David R. Michael

Short Story (6700 words)

It’s a rainy night on the commuter bus. “One at a time,” the bus driver says. “We’re all in a hurry.” Office drone Kent Fleming, who rides this bus home every evening, is in no rush. He will be on the bus to the end of the line. But someone new is on the bus tonight, and the trip will be anything but peaceful.

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Dragons of the Stars – 2 short stories about the future, where spaceships controlled by superintelligent AI’s go renegade, venting their human crews into the vacuum of outer space and become the Dragons of the Stars.

“Under the Dragon” – The roar of the dragon’s thrusters could not be heard through the vacuum of space. But Allan heard it anyway, in his mind, as the massive bulk of the renegade spaceship eclipsed the light of the distant Sun…

“The First Dragon” – This mining outpost had been attacked two weeks ago, the third time in the last year. And so the Company had sent a team of dragon hunters to deal with the problem. The hunters had arrived, and that should have been the beginning of the hunt…

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Gray Angel Stories by David Michael

“Waking Up Can Kill You Some Days” – An action/urban fantasy story by David Michael.

The Gray Angel is a hitwoman with a heart gold. She always gives the target a choice. Because everyone deserves a choice. Even a petty gangster like Dennis Karnof. (2100-word short story)





“Working Girl” – An action/urban fantasy story by David Michael.

Hitwoman the Gray Angel’s latest target is elusive businessman Neil Spencer Thomasson, who is staying in a high-rise hotel with an unknown number of armed guards. Fortunately, Thomasson has called in an escort for the evening, a woman who comes highly recommended and whose face Ange hopes he’s never seen. (1900-word short story)



“Wind-Up Action Figure On Her Day Off” – An action/urban fantasy story by David Michael.

On those rare Mondays with no new contract, the Gray Angel wonders if that means there is no one on Earth who deserves killing. She tries to remain optimistic, but she’s sure there’s someone out there who needs to be given the choice of a bullet to the brain. (3200-word short story)



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Horror Flash Fiction by David Michael

“He Came” – A horror short short story by David Michael.

Police respond to an emergency call at the house of known religious fanatic, William Revell, to find the floor, every wall, every window, even the ceiling, splattered and smeared with blood. “He came,” Revell says when he’s asked what happened. “He came…” (1200 word short short story)




“When Writers Attack” – A bit of violent flash fiction by David Michael.

You should be careful around writers who are struggling to find a story. (800-word flash fiction)




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