ALLIGATOR, ROOM 8 by David R. Michael

Alligator, Room 8

Novella (Gator-man #2)

One year ago, Ash Turner was taken into the swamp, shot in the back of the head, and left for dead.

No longer dead, Ash is now stuck in New Orleans. As the only surviving witness to the “disappearance” of local pillar-of-the-community and suspected crime boss, James Derouen, Detective Marand of the NOPD wants Ash to stay put.

Detective Marand won’t listen, but Ash knows James Derouen isn’t coming back. Not from where Ash saw him “disappear”–down the gullet of an angry alligator god. That same alligator god has twisted Ash’s love for Jamie Derouen, James Derouen’s daughter, into an insatiable need to find her and…

Ash doesn’t want to think about it. He just needs to get out of New Orleans.

Before he can do what he was brought back from the dead to do.

Published by Four Crows Landing.

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CLOSING CREW by David R. Michael

Closing Crew-thumb-300Novel

Strange things happen when Dillon opens doors. A cold, lifeless universe waits in the bathroom. A hideous creature that looks nothing like a puppy lurks in his closet. He doesn’t remember what was in his toy box, but he still has nightmares.

In his job as night manager at the Buffalo Burger Pit Dillon has found a use for his special gift: hazing the new hires. Like when he offers them a free vanilla shake. Or opens the door of the big freezer for them to see inside.

Soledad has been able to read minds since life hit her with the puberty stick. Not Dillon’s mind, which is probably why they’re still friends. She’s always thought his trick with the vanilla shakes was stupid. She never imagined how stupid.

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ALLIGATOR BAIT by David R. Michael

Aligator Bait-Thumb-300

Novella (Gator-man #1)

One year ago, during Mardi Gras, Ash Turner was pulled from the arms of his lover, Jamie Derouen, by men working for her father. Those men drove Ash into the bayou, shot him in the back of the head, and left his corpse for the alligators. So it comes as a surprise to everyone–including Ash–when he wakes up in the muddy water of the bayou and walks back into New Orleans.

Mardi Gras is once again underway, but Ash isn’t there for the parades or the parties. He’s looking for Jamie. Nothing else seems important any more.

At the same time, though, there are forces looking for him. A police detective interested in a growing pile of missing persons cases. The men who thought they had killed Ash already. And something else. Something unseen that watches Ash from the swamp.

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Horror Flash Fiction by David Michael

“He Came” – A horror short short story by David Michael.

Police respond to an emergency call at the house of known religious fanatic, William Revell, to find the floor, every wall, every window, even the ceiling, splattered and smeared with blood. “He came,” Revell says when he’s asked what happened. “He came…” (1200 word short short story)




“When Writers Attack” – A bit of violent flash fiction by David Michael.

You should be careful around writers who are struggling to find a story. (800-word flash fiction)




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The Summoning Fire
The Summoning Fireby David Michael

In one horrible moment of betrayal, Hell on Earth descends on Reese, destroying everything she knows and loves. The only thing keeping Reese alive is her desire to avenge her beloved’s death. But between Reese and vengeance stands an unstoppable creature summoned from the bowels of a shapeless hell who’s only command is to kill Reese Anne Howard.

The Summoning Fire

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