New Fairy Moon (GoSH1)

New Fairy Moon by David Michael
New Fairy Moon

People with fairy blood in their veins should be careful when saying, “I wish…”

Faye Woods, 11, thinks that would have been good to know before she wished she didn’t have a brother–and knowing she was part-fairy might have been useful information too.

Faye and her little brother, Flub, are the newest residents of quirky, beautiful Spring Hollow, a neighborhood where the houses have names like Hawk Briar and Jack Rabbit Run–and where a hole in a park fence leads to Spring Hollow’s magical Other Side.

Brenna Guin and Lupe Garcia have lived in Spring Hollow all their lives, though on opposite sides, but they have never seen anything like what they find when they follow Faye and Flub through the hole in the fence.

When an evil shadow from Spring Hollow’s past emerges from the Other Side, Faye and Brenna and Lupe must work together to rescue Flub before the sun rises.

Keywords: tween, modern, fantasy, fairy, adventure, girls, thriller

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